Mary Myers

Ms. Meyers is a retired USDA Farm Management Specialist, Agricultural Lending, Farm Loan Manager from the Concord/Charlotte area. Mary currently pleasure trail rides (both urban trail riding and on public lands) and works with her horse in beginning dressage and trail riding. She owns a small farm where she keeps her horses. Mary volunteered with both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts to help them earn their horsemanship badges. In the past she worked with 4-H members on their horse projects and has reviewed and ranked the horse project books for the 4H program in Cabarrus County. She routinely volunteered to “jump judge” for Three Day Events. Mary has an interest in environmental issues associated with horse farms, including water pollution, soil losses, and farm management to support horse health. In addition, she is interested in exposing the younger generations to horses in order to have our future leaders understand the needs of the riding community. Finally, she is interested in the preservation of public spaces to ride on.

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North Carolina Horse Council