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EquiAppraisal LLC

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Professional equine appraisals by an appraiser with international experience in the horse industry.
Dual-certified appraiser providing USPAP compliant and IRS qualified appraisals of horses and equestrian tack/equipment.
Expert witness experience. Appraisals conducted nationwide, as well as internationally.

Services for litigation, donations, insurance policies and claims, purchases, sales and syndications, expert witness testimony, divorce and estate settlements, equine injuries and deaths, tax audits and inquiries, fraud, theft, bank collateral, contract disputes, and consultant services.


  • 3340 Robinwood Road
    Suite 100-536
    Gastonia, NC 28054

    Office: 1-844-900-0022
  • Direct: 1-630-715-1768
  • www.equiappraisal.com