The Colt Starter

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The Colt Starter


The Colt Starter natural horse training method comes from equine psychology with common sense communication techniques. Our goal is to create a sound foundation for every young horse whether destined to be a Grand Prix jumper or trail mount. Better communication between horse and rider through basic exercises is a key to help the horse be a more enjoyable, respectful mount. We want all horse owners at all experience levels, and other specialized trainers that may later work with the horse, to have successful harmonious partnerships without force. Our goal is to help horses and owners enjoy their time together, and achieve the owners objectives. One of the results from The Colt Starter training method, is that your horse learns confidence and respect by learning to work with humans and to do what you ask when you ask. Your horse will be quieter, more obedient, and confident in him/herself and you, as the rider/handler.


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