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Equine massage is a great service to provide for horses of all ages, disciplines, and work levels. It allows the horse to maintain their body and be able to freely move and work to the best of their ability.  Massage is a great preventive therapy used for horses to allow them to maintain proper muscle function. It helps improve their flexibility and range of motion which in turn can reduce their chance of injury or lameness. It can improve your horse’s circulation, reduce fluid buildup and muscle soreness. Massage is a natural, non-invasive approach to “re-charging” your horse’s battery and providing natural holistic healing.


If a horse is sore or is tight in a specific muscle group, they will not be able to move the proper way that their body is meant to. This may cause a lack in performance. It can also cause an accessory movement, which is a compensation due to the muscle firing pattern being disturbed, which in turn will inhibit their full work potential. Through equine massage Kelsey can feel and see the different muscle groups and how they may be improperly working and will try to "rewire them" to allow the horse to move more freely and reach their full potential.


Equine massage is also good for horses that are older and out of work. Through equine massage it helps keep the older horses going and keeps them moving comfortably even if they are retired. Equine massage can also help horses who are injured or have had old injuries by "rewiring" their body to help them get back on track. If it is an old injury, massage may help alleviate their accessory movements, which has now become normal, and allow them to move more fluidly.


K9 massages are also offered and beneficial for dogs who may pull a muscle while playing or working, or older dogs with joint pain or arthritis