Whisper’s Horse Hearts

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Horse Hearts on Whisper's nose
Whisper’s Horse Hearts

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Whisper's Horse Hearts located out of Leesburg, Virginia is the first equine treatery to introduce gourmet zero-sugar horse treats to the market. We all know the harmful effects that sugar has on our own bodies, so why would we feed it to our horses? Horses consume plenty of sugars in their natural diet, its actually common for them to consume excess due to being provided with such lush pastures to graze off of. With the rise in domesticated horses being diagnosed with Cushings, Laminitis, Equine Metabolic Syndrome, or Insulin Resistance, we set out to formulate treats which will not exacerbate your horse's health concerns.
What if your horse is completely healthy and free from the above mentioned metabolic disorders? We still encourage you to test out our treats! Even the pickiest of eaters enjoy these healthy treat alternatives, and you can feel at ease knowing that you are not ruining your horse's health. We believe that your best friend deserves the best treat, don't you??