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Students at American Mustang School. PC Bob Fitzgerald
American Mustang School/Justin Dunn


At the American Mustang School located in Aberdeen, North Carolina, Justin Dunn works exclusively with American Mustangs in our veterans, military, first responders and youth therapy programs. We also provide online and in-person training for people to develop a closer relationship with their horses and help resolve behavioral problems. We will also take a limited number of horses in training and provide online and in-person consults for purchasing your next equine partner. Contact us today to find out more or join our online community and get access to exclusive content and training tips!
"Promoting mental health and wellness through the preservation of the American Mustang"
We offer Equine-assisted learning programs for Veterans, first responders and active duty military free of charge and are conveniently located in Aberdeen North Carolina, close to Fort Bragg. EAL has been shown to help with PTSD, TBI's, and other related injuries that our military personnel may suffer. During EAL our participants develop clear communication skills and learn how to have a healthy work/play relationship with one of our horses. The ability to have a good relationship with a horse opens gateways to healthy relationships within the human world. EAL promotes the development of life skills applicable to educational, professional, or personal goals through equine-assisted activities. An EAL session consists of a participant, a horse, and a professional equine specialist working together in an outdoor setting.

We start with a 2-hour assessment session in which we introduce you to EAL and you can decide if it is something you wish to pursue.