Bar T Horsemanship/Jim Thomas

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Bar T Horsemanship/Jim Thomas
Bar T Horsemanship/Jim Thomas


Our training philosophy is results-driven. We produce soft, willing partners. At the Bar T, we take the role of the leader—provide clear signals, add consistency, patience and the understanding that the horse should look to his owner for direction.

“My goal is for you to understand why your horse acts as it does, and what role you must play to gain his trust,” Jim says. “Horses are much like children. Provide the proper environment and they will be yours forever. All things accomplished with a horse are through trust.”

We’re firm believers in groundwork. Regardless of the training level of the horse upon arrival at the Bar T, we will spend a substantial amount of time from the ground before we ever approach the horse with a saddle. Good groundwork is a solid foundation. Just like you wouldn’t put the framework of a house directly on the ground, we wouldn’t dream of moving forward without a foundation.

If your horse is already started and coming to see Jim for an issue, he'll take a similar approach-- he'll fill all the foundational holes from the ground up. By taking this approach, it ensures that your horse becomes a safe and willing partner.

If you’re interested in gaining Bar T training for your equine partner, plan on spending some time out at the farm learning with your horse. While it’s helpful for your horse to gain a new skill set, you won’t be able to use those tools if you haven’t learned. For your convenience, we include a select number of lessons in our training packages.

Interested in clinics? Jim offers onsite and off-site horsemanship, cow working, groundwork, obstacle and trail clinics.