NCHC Youth Scholarship Application

Send applications by June 1st to: North Carolina Horse Council, 4904 Waters Edge, Dr., Suite 290, Raleigh, NC 27606. Winning applicants will be notified. 

The North Carolina Horse Council will offer a total of 5 scholarships of $100 each to interested middle school or high school youth interested in attending or participating in an equine related activity such as a recognized 4-H event, Pony Club event , summer camp or other equine related program. In addition, scholarship grants may be submitted by a youth to participate in a certified equine therapy program. 

To apply, the individual must be of middle school age or older, but not eligible to enroll or enrolled in a post-secondary program. (Exceptions may be made for an individual in a special needs program.) 

Application should be typed (12 point font), and include the following: 

• Personal information o Name o Address, city, state, zip code o Phone number o County & District o Age & date of birth 

• High School Information o Name of High School attending or attended o Cumulative GPA o ACT or SAT Scores (if taken) o Involvement in clubs or activities at school o Awards and recognition at school 

• 4-H, Pony Club, or other equine organization Information o Number of years in club o Club name (if applicable) o Projects held: be sure to include 4H Horse Project Activities etc. o Offices or positions held in your club o Awards and recognition in club o Add community service, volunteer work, involvement with your community, etc. o Expand on your involvement with your community, let us know what you do to improve and help your community. 

• Photograph of applicant (no larger than 4×6). Please do not staple photograph to application. 

• Three letters of reference with addresses and phone numbers will also need to be submitted with your application.