NCHC Trail Grants

Trails Grant Application & Information 

Equine land access is a serious issue for North Carolina and our trail riding community. In addition, our trails continue to be threatened by closure or decreased in mileage. No one knows better where the priorities are than the local trail associations who, with this grant program, would partner with the NCHC to implement our strategic plans and promote NC as a trail destination state. NC Trail Associations are encouraged to apply for trail grants across the state. 

Please find in the page to follow a simple application for these grants. Projects that will be considered with higher weight will: 

1) Affect the greatest numbers of equestrians with access to trails, and/or provide access to areas that were previously not accessible.

2) Be large in scope and have defined stages of development.

3) Assist the NC Horse Council in its strategic plan to promote NC as a trail riding destination.

4) Provide sustainable trail access for future generations.

5) Engage, maintain & promote relationships between the trail riding community & land managers.

6) Positively impact local economies.

7) Be “shovel ready” which includes planning (all necessary studies done, etc) and land manager endorsement.

8) Involve multiple organizations. 9) Demonstrate long term financial and management responsibility. 

Applications will be reviewed and recommended for award by the Trails Grant Committee. The Executive Committee will provide final approval of the recommended awards. The NCHC will inform applicants of the results upon approval of the Executive Committee. 

This is a direct grant award. However, recipients will be required to submit receipts for costs and photographs and written documentation of project progress and completion. These reports will be submitted to the NCHC semi-annually (every six months). Delays or inability to complete the project may result in the funds forfeiture. Projects may also be subject to inspection by NCHC staff or volunteers. 

Please answer all applicable questions & provide documentation to collaborate, including pictures if available. 

1) Describe the group(s)/organization(s) applying for the grant. 

2) What is the current situation you are addressing? 

3) What do you propose to do & how? 

4) What credentials, experience, etc does your group possess that will help accomplish this project? 

5) How will the results of your endeavor affect the equestrian community, the local 

economy & the NC Horse Council? 

6) What endorsement(s) have you received from the land manager, if applicable? 

7) When will the project be started & when do you expect to be finished? Will the project be done in stages? 

8) What is the project schedule and budget? 

Please be concise and complete. Submit the information via email to and via posted mail to NCHC, 4904 Waters Edge Drive, Suite 290, Raleigh, NC 27706.