NCHC Gelding Voucher

The North Carolina Horse Council (NCHC) is a private, non-profit organization dedicated, through education, to the protection, growth and development of the equine industry in North Carolina. The NCHC Geld Program was established to ensure that all equines have access to castration surgeries, regardless of their caretakers’ financial situation. 

The North Carolina Horse Council requires that individuals provide the requested information on the attached form regarding income, family size and horse information so that we can provide financial assistance in a fair and consistent manner. All information will be kept confidential. Your application can be dropped off, faxed or mailed. 

To process your application, we need ONE of the following: 

□ Copy of last year’s tax return. 

□ Copy of last two pay stubs (or) copy of social security or disability checks (or copy of bank statements showing amount of monthly deposit). 

□ Documentation of any public assistance such as food stamps, rent subsidy, disability, etc. 

□ Student ID if applicable. (If you do not have a copy of your tax return you can obtain one by calling the Internal Revenue Service. If you did not file taxes last year, or if you don’t have any of the documents required, please write a letter explaining your personal situation.) 

Assistance will be determined based on a thorough review of the application. Assistance will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis, subject to available resources. 


✓ Geld vouchers are offered to individuals and families only. Commercial operations and breeding farms are 

excluded from this offering 

✓ All male equines on the property must be gelded or slated to be gelded through this program to qualify 

✓ It is the owner’s responsibility to schedule the appointments with their local veterinarian 

✓ Voucher shall not exceed $100 per animal or $250 per household for multiple animals 

✓ Geld vouchers will be paid directly to the veterinarian after the service has been performed 

✓ Attending veterinarian must complete a geld statement with invoice for payment 

Confidentiality Financial documents submitted to the North Carolina Horse Council will be used to determine eligibility for this program and will be reviewed by a specially appointed NCHC committee. Financial documents will be held confidential and will not be shared with any non-Horse Council employee or Review Committee Member or disclosed to any other person except in response to valid subpoena issued by a court or agency of competent jurisdiction. 

Complete application and return to: North Carolina Horse Council fax 919-854-1989 4904 Waters Edge Dr., Suite 290 phone 919-854-1990 Raleigh, NC 27606