NCHC Development Grants

The need to support hands on experiences and support and maintain the education of qualified equine workers within our state is great. By establishing a development fund and/or a scholarship fund we would be utilizing our referendum dollars in a high impact manner. As we become less rural and our students are coming to us with less “farm” or agricultural experience it is critical that they be provided some hands on learning opportunities. 

The Development Grant Category has been created to allow the NCHC to consider special one-time requests which would be for a larger dollar amount and addressing the infra structure of the Equine Industry. This would include capital support of our existing or new equine show facilities, The Equine Educational Units at our Land Grant Institutions or other major capital improvements which would benefit the equine industry as a whole. 

There is no specific application package. To be considered for a Development Grant, the individual or representative of the Institution/Organization should notify the NCHC at and request an appointment with the Special Review Committee. Included in the request the Institution/Organization should submit a one page concept paper describing the support they are seeking and include the tentative costs of the proposed project.