General Membership FAQs

Below are a list of frequently asked questions but if your questions are still not answered feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

Why might I consider being a member of the NCHC?

Be the first to know, information, delivered to your Inbox.  You will receive breaking news regarding our equine community, updates on new laws and rules which impact you and your horses.

What are some of the many benefits that are offered to NCHC Members?

As a member of the NCHC, you also receive benefits as an auxiliary member of the American Horse Council. We will keep you informed about not only what is going on within our state but also in our nation.

What are my Equine liability insurance eligibility as a NCHC member?

You will be eligible to purchase our equine liability insurance at a dramatically reduced rate. Remember, having fun is just that…having fun, until someone gets hurt or an accident happens. If you join the NCHC, for only $25 more you can purchase a One Million Dollar Liability Insurance Policy.

What special savings on product, etc are available to NCHC members?

Savings on Equine Products Nationwide!  Being a member of the NCHC entitles you to special savings on products used for your equine farm, business, or even person use! Discounts are currently available with Nationwide Insurance, John Deere, Sherwin-Williams, OfficeMax, UPS and Prescription Drug Card. You can buy products directly from these companies at reduced prices!  And we are adding more added value discounts each year.

Is my equine voice heard?

You become part of our Equine Voice in our State.  For every member we have, we have a vote to improve the policies, laws, rules and regulations that govern our industry.  Your membership counts in making our State the most Equine friendly State in the Nation. Come join the Herd!

Are there different NCHC membership types?

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How do I join NCHC?

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I'm not sure if a membership is for me? How do I know?

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Personal Excess Liability Insurance FAQs

Please note Personal Excess Liability Insurance administered by Equisure, Inc. for Association Resource Group (ARG) and their affiliates. This insurance is excess and not intended to by your primary equestrian liability coverage.

Below are a list of frequently asked questions but if your questions are still not answered feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

Do I need to be a current NCHC member to purchase Personal Excess Liability Insurance?


When does my personal excess insurance start and end?

The coverage starts when your membership is approved and the premium is paid to Equisure. Coverage ends 12:01 am on December 31st of every calendar year.

If my membership starts in June, when will my insurance coverage start?

Your insurance will also start the month you purchase your membership. For example, you will have coverage for approximately 7 months if you joined in June and coverage for 12 months if you joined in January. In both cases the coverage will end 12:01 am on December 31st.

How can I get a copy of the Master Policy?

You should contact Equisure directly with proof of your membership and request a copy of the Master Policy or email your request to The Master Policy may not be posted on your association websites or reproduced without prior written consent from the management of Equisure.

Do members get anything showing proof of coverage?

Yes. Your group will be provided with certificates of Insurance (a brief summary of coverages, conditions and exclusions), these may be distributed only to members. Like the Master Policy, the Certificate of Insurance may not be posted on websites or reproduced in any fashion without written consent from Equisure.

How would this insurance apply if I have homeowners insurance?

This policy is excess over any other valid and collectible underlying insurance. If you have underlying insurance, such as homeowners/farm insurance, this policy is excess over that insurance. If you have no other underlying insurance this policy would become primary.

I am a trainer and run a horse breeding operation, does this insurance provide coverage for my business?

No. Coverage for equestrian businesses and business related activities are excluded from the personal excess policy. Please contact Equisure for more information or to purchase Professional and/or General Liability insurance for your equine training activity and/or any other equine business operation.

If my horse is boarded away from my residence, would this policy provide coverage?

Yes, on an excess basis, any other insurance is primary. This policy provides coverage for equine related incidences away from your residence for which you are personally liable or negligent.

If I lend my horse to someone to ride, how would coverage apply?

This policy would be excess but you would have coverage for bodily injury and/or property damage to a third party for an equine related incident caused by a horse you own for which you are held legally liable.

Is my horse covered if it dies?

No. This policy does not provide animal mortality coverage for horses you own. Equine Mortality/Major Medical Insurance can be purchased by calling Equisure (800-752-2472) or internet quote request at

How are insureds defined?

Family Membership: includes “you”, your resident spouse and your children under 18 years of age. The each occurrence limit is the most we will pay for the sum of damages claimed against you, your resident spouse and your resident children under 18 years of age.

Individual Membership: The Each Occurrence Limit is the most we will pay for the sum of damages claimed against you arising out of one occurrence.

For any claim to be considered, the member(s) must have a valid membership and be in good standing with the affiliate of Association Resource Group. The General Aggregate limit is the most we will pay for the sum of all damages claimed.

I fell off my horse and broke my arm, would this policy provide coverage for this?

No, not under the Personal Excess Policy. This is not a medical insurance policy. You would have to have your own health or accident insurance.

What limits are provided by this policy?

The coverage limit provided under this policy is a per household limit and is shared by all member of the same residence.

$1,000,000 aggregate limit ~ $1,000,000 per occurrence limit

Can I increase the limits provided by this policy?


Can I add an additional insured to this policy?

This policy provides personal excess liability insurance for you. It does not allow for the addition of additional insureds. If your barn has questions about the insurance provided, please phone Equisure. If needed, you can purchase Primary Equine Liability insurance for owned horses on a primary basis and add an additional insured.

What should I do if I think I have a claim?

1. Immediately document all the details about the incident. 2. Get the names and phone numbers for any witness(es). 3. Do not admit fault or make any monetary payment. 4. Contact Equisure at 800-752-2472.

What if I have additional questions?

Please contact Equisure, Inc.
Phone 800-752-2472 or Fax 303-614-6967
Visit us on the web at

North Carolina Horse Council FAQs

Below are a list of frequently asked questions but if your questions are still not answered feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

When was the NCHC established?

The North Carolina Horse Council was established in 1980.

What is the NCHC mission statement?

To serve as the voice of the North Carolina horse community through education, communication and representation.

What is the NCHC statement of purpose?

The North Carolina Horse Council exists to represent and further the common interest of the entire equine industry of North Carolina. The North Carolina Horse Council is composed of volunteer individuals and groups from all breeds and types of horse activities, without bias. We are amateurs and professionals, horse hobbyist, commercial producers, local riding clubs, and larger corporations.

The North Carolina Horse Council strives to maintain effective government relations by interacting with state leaders and our government representatives. We work closely with the N.C. Department of Agriculture, NC Farm Bureau and N.C. State University.

Does NCHC accept donations?

Yes, donations are always welcomed. The North Carolina Horse Council also accepts donations in any amount. These donations can be made to assist with Hurricane Relief, hay and feed assistance, bounties or other welfare causes. Donors can specify their area of interest.

Want to donate to NCHC? You can donate here.

Are there sponsorship opportunities with NCHC?

Yes, the North Carolina Horse Council does have several sponsorship opportunities. To learn more visit our Sponsorship / Donation page.

How do I get listed in the business directory?

By sponsoring or donating the North Carolina Horse Council, you’re able to add your listing to our online business directory. Sponsor or Donate today!

What type of grants does NCHC offer?

The North Carolina Horse Council has many grants to benefit our NC equine community. We offer the following grants listed below and more details are on the Grants page.

  1. Health and Research Grants
  2. Equine Safety New Grant Program
  3. Gelding Voucher Grant
  4. Euthanasia Voucher Grant
  5. Trail Grant
  6. Education/Community Program
  7. Development Grant
  8. Nonprofit Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy Program

Does NCHC offer equine or youth scholarships?

Yes, the North Carolina Horse Council offers equine and youth scholarships. To learn more visit our Grants / Scholarships page.

What does the NCHC trail committee work on?

The NCHC Trails Committee works to maintain public access to horse trails, to further funding for trail maintenance and support, and to establish new trails across the state.