Howell Woods Environmental Learning Center Equestrian Trails

The North Carolina Horse Council awarded a grant to the Howell Wood Environmental Learning Center yesterday. The Eastern NC Trail Riders Association and the NCHC partnered to raise the dollars for Howell Woods to build and enhance equestrian trails at the Center. Congratulations to Johnston County Community College for supporting our equine community.  Ann Donaldson thanked the NC Horse Council and the many contributors of the Howell Woods Hunter Pace and Trail Ride, April 1st, 2017! Your support for Howell Woods Trail expansion and preservation raised $4,500.00 and, with matching funds from Howell Woods/ Johnston Community College, we are working on creating $9,000.00 in new horse trails (Wells Trail fire break will become a dedicated horse trail and a part of Rachel Carson Trail will be re-routed for better footing)! This means horse riders will have over 20 miles of horse trails centrally located in eastern NC! Please make a reservation with Howell Woods prior to riding. They are a multi-use property. Thanks again!!!