There is a temporary hold on accepting grant applications. Please check back for updated information.

A variety of grants and scholarships

The NCHC Horse Industry Grant Program is charged to solicit and fund strong horse industry proposals which enhance our mission and support our organizational goals and strategic plan. In order to better accomplish these goals this new grant structure has been adopted. Grants will be accepted in each category throughout the year until all grant funds have been expended.  The Board voted to budget $200,000 for grants in 2020.

Grants are available in the following categories:

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Health and Research Grant

Health & Research Grants must address an equine health-related need of the horse industry.

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Euthanasia Voucher Grant

The North Carolina Horse Council (NCHC) Euthanasia Program was established to ensure that aged, injured, or unwanted North Carolina horses whose owners could not otherwise afford the service may be euthanized regardless of their caretakers’ financial situation.

Advance approval for the service is not necessary. NCHC reimbursement limited to $200 per horse or maximum of $400 per household.

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Gelding Voucher Grant

The NCHC Geld Program was established to ensure that all equines have access to castration surgeries, regardless of their caretakers’ financial situation. The NCHC Gelding Program was established to ensure that all equines have access to castration surgeries, regardless of their caretakers’ financial situation.

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Charles Hopkins Albritton III Scholarship

The NCHC Charles Albritton Memorial Scholarships are awarded each year to college bound high school seniors with superior academic and extracurricular achievements who desire to pursue a career in the equine industry. Honorees are selected by a committee of the Board of Directors of the Council and approved by the NCHC Executive Committee.

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Trail Grant Application and Information

Equine land access is a serious issue for North Carolina and our trail riding community. In addition, our trails continue to be threatened by closure or decreased in mileage. No one knows better where the priorities are than the local trail associations who, with this grant program, would partner with the NCHC to implement our strategic plans and promote NC as a trail destination state. NC Trail Associations are encouraged to apply for trail grants across the state.

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Education / Community Program

Education is vital to the NCHC mission.  By establishing an Educational Grant program addressing state-wide interests and placing a high priority on replicability and uniqueness we would hope to reach a larger number of the equine community.

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NCHC Distressed Horseman’s Grant

Suppose you are in an arising proven financial need from sudden and demonstrable hardship, or disaster of a severe and unexpected nature, or from a serious illness. NCHC knows it’s challenging times, and we are here for you—the maximum Award is $2,500 non-recurring.

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Youth Scholarships

The North Carolina Horse Council will offer a total of 5 scholarships of $100 each to interested middle school or high school youth interested in attending or participating in an equine related activity such as a recognized 4-H event, Pony Club event , summer camp or other equine related program. In addition, scholarship grants may be submitted by a youth to participate in a certified equine therapy program.

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Nonprofit Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy (EAAT) Program Grant & Scholarship

Equine-assisted therapy uses horses as a tool to help individuals with physical, mental, and emotional conditions gain confidence and work through the healing process. The bond between the horse and the client is often a strong one that helps the client process feelings, gain skills, and alleviate fears.

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Development Grant

The need to support hands-on experiences and support and maintain the education of qualified equine workers within our state is great.  By establishing a Development Grant to support the growth of our equine community we will be utilizing our referendum dollars in a high-impact manner.  As we become less rural, and our students are coming to us with less “farm” or agricultural experience it is critical that they be provided some hands-on learning opportunities.

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Equine Safety Net Program

The Equine Safety Net was established to assist those caring horse owners who have temporary financial setbacks (such as a job loss, disaster or
medical incident within the past 6 months), and are having difficulties feeding their horses.