Feed Stores

Address: 151 Price Hocutt Road
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Business Owner: Donald Gay
Business Contact Email: circlegfeeds@aol.com
Long Business Description:

We are family owned small business. We pride ourselves in quality horse and other livestock feed at affordable prices. We also sell new and used horse tack and saddles. We are located in the Wendell/Zebulon area.

Business Phone Number: 9193660068
Address: 200 Social Plains Road
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Business Owner: Morris Jones
Business Contact Email: jonesfarmhayandfeed@hotmail.com
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Here at Jones Farm Hay and Feed, we provide quality hay and feed for a variety of animals. We are a family owned business serving the Eastern Raleigh Area. We started selling hay which we raised on our farm and now have a variety grown on our farm and also shipped in.

Business Phone Number: (919) 427-4963