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Business Owner: Dottie Burch
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Dottie is a partner in the long standing Raleigh law firm of Ragsdale Liggett. Ragsdale Liggett offers comprehensive legal services, including services related to all aspects of the equine industry. Whether you are in need of an updated liability waiver form, a purchase agreement, breeding contract or any other legal document relative to the equine industry, Dottie can provide top notch professional service to help you meet your goals. An avid Hunter Jumper rider, Dottie regularly assists horse owners, trainers, students and equine liability insurers in connection with many issues related to horses and the unique circumstances and liabilities surrounding their use, care and transfer.

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Business Owner: Douglas J. Tate
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Attorney Douglas J. Tate of the Asheville law firm McGuire, Wood & Bissette offers comprehensive legal services in the area of animal law, to include equine law. One of Doug’s legal successes resulted in a judgment beneficial to the equine industry across the state. He successfully represented a Polk County horse farm before the N.C. Tax Commission, overturning a county tax board’s decision to revoke the farm’s agricultural present-use status, saving the farm from paying rollback taxes, and preserving its preferred tax status for future years. Experienced and knowledgeable in the field of animal law, Doug represents individuals, businesses and organizations in diverse cases related to animals and animal ownership. contact: Douglas J. Tate dtate@mwbavl.com

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Business Owner: R. L. Adams
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Since 1999, R.L. Adams has been the attorney of choice for hundreds of equine professionals, businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and individual horse owners, throughout North Carolina and in twenty other states. He is an experienced civil litigator whose law practice includes breach of contract, personal injury, real estate/construction, insurance coverage, fraud, and products and premises liability cases. R.L. also advises clients on the legal aspects starting or operating an equine business, and prepares customized contracts and legal documents.

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Business Owner: Susan Schneider
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Susan is a partner in the Concord/Charlotte area firm of Schneider & Kraus, PLLC, offering multi-state experience and complete legal services. We have strong links with the equestrian community both locally and on a national level. Our firm understands current legal issues that affect horses, horse riders and owners, equestrian properties and equestrian businesses. Susan is a polocrosse player, horse and farm owner. If you are in need of equine solutions, we can help.

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