Equestrian Education

Address: 18991 NC Hwy 902
Bear Creek
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Business Owner: Christi Costigan
Business Contact Email: totalbalance1@yahoo.com
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Equine Logic is committed to educating horse lovers and enthusiasts about Equine Behavior Language-a platform by which people learn to interact with horses using language instead of force or coersion to communicate and understand horses and horse behavior. Christi Costigan facilitates Equine Logic using principles and practices recognized world wide by successful horse people. Christi provides lecture, demonstrations, clinics, private and group sessions as well as free sources and links on equinelogic.org.

Business Phone Number: 919-895-0051
Address: 1902 Barbee Rd
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Business Owner: Debi Metcalfe
Business Contact Email: idahonc@aol.com
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Stolen Horse International, aka NetPosse.com, the “missing children’s network” equivalent in the horse industry, is widely recognized for their ideas and innovations when it comes to horse protection, farm security and identification. Debi Metcalfe and the NetPosse volunteer network, has been a driving force behind the success of many of the world’s missing horses, providing strategic advice to victims and their familieshelping them to craft innovative search tragedies generating a multitude of recoveries. The educational programs through Stolen Horse International, aka NetPosse.com have help divert countless attempts of theft and civil mistakes. See listings of missing horses, tack and miscellaneous farm items on the site. You can also purchase microchips for your horses and dogs, freeze brands and farms security signs.

Business Phone Number: 704-484-2165
Address: 4805 Pleasant Green Road
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Business Owner: Clay Nelson
Business Contact Email: clay@sustainablestables.com
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Sustainable Stables is an organization dedicated to sustainable, environmentally-friendly horsekeeping. We offer free educational resources through our website as well as public speaking and private consultation services.

Business Phone Number: 919-597-9667