Vote Yes for the Horse Industry

The Horse Industry needs YOU…to vote YES

In 1999 the Horse Industry began collecting a self-assessment from the purchase of horse feed. The money is collected by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and sent to the North Carolina Horse Council to be used in support of equine programs. These funds have provided grants to horse organizations such as Back Country Horsemen of North Carolina, local trail associations and riding clubs. In addition, we have supported our youth by providing grants and scholarships to many groups including 4-H groups and the Girl Scouts of North Carolina. Grant dollars have supported equine educational programs at North Carolina State University, NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine and many local agricultural extension programs throughout our state.
“Backyard” horse owners have benefited from the referendum through our Equine Safety Net, Gelding and Euthanasia Grant programs. In addition, we have been able to provide resources and advice to these owners by serving as their “911” and “411” when they have needed advice or help with an equine problem.
Since 2002, nearly One Million Dollars has been granted from these funds, not to mention the many legislative successes that have been achieved which has assisted in the growth of the horse industry. New legislative successes that have occurred include strengthening the liability laws to include land owners, improving the recreational use statute to allow equine associations to collect fees for events, making sure that building a horse barn is classified as a farm building and therefore exempt from the state building codes and clarifying the Agricultural Present Use Value Tax to make sure that qualifying horse farms are included. These are but a few of the important contributions that your dollars have supported.
The NCHC is the voice within our state to make sure that our legislators and state government representatives are aware of equine issues and that our public lands remain open and accessible for horse owners’ use.
The funds from this self-assessment have been utilized each day to serve “YOU”, the horse owner. Please vote yes to continue the Feed Referendum for 10 years and to receive $4 per ton. These dollars are for you…the horse owners of this state.