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Like to ride trails?

Tell us about your favorite place to trail ride and why.

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“Anywhere with lots of trees and hills:)”
“My wife and I spent a week at DuPont State Park. What a great ride. the waterfalls were awesome”
“The Blue Ridge Horseman's Association's Youth and Horse Camp at Anita-Alta, near Lenoir and Blowing Rock, NC, has more than 50 miles of trails, many of them single track horse trails. Views from the ridge tops are beautiful. There is plenty of space for primitive camping and portable corrals. Poles are in place if you prefer to high line your horses. The camping area is adjacent to Mulberry Creek which is convenient for watering your horses. If you enjoy mountain trail riding and camping, Anita-Alta is about as good as it gets. ”
“My favorite trail is the Yadkin Islands. There is so much to see not to mention crossing the Yadkin at least six times. Very close to the barn area and I do not have to travel far to be on the trail.”
“My favorite NC trails are up at Leatherwood. The camping is great, the barns are clean, the trails have many levels of difficulty. The people there are really nice and on weekends the resturant is open. We usually eat breakfast there on Sunday mornings so we can ride right away and not have to clean up dishes! My favorite Va. trails are up at Iron Mountain. Just love the horse camp there and the trails are spectacular!”
“try the pilot mtn corridor trails that connect to sauratown.they are well maintained and GREAT for horses,good parking too”
“Salem Lake has nice trails open to horses and shared with bicycles & walkers. This provides a good trail for horses in the winter months and bad weather when others trails are impassable. It's also especially nice for inexperienced riders. Most of the time, bikers make it known that they prefer horses not be there. Other times they speak-up when they're coming from behind so the horses are warned before the bikes come by. ”
“Locally for me, Cedarock Park is very enjoyable for a casual ride and to actually "work" my horse because the trails are somewhat challenging. The facilities are constantly improving and trails are well-maintained and expanding. Look forward to the day we can spend a weekend camping there and riding different trails each day.”
“Biltmore Estate has beautiful trails around the area, but restrictions are tight. Camping is available, but only primative. Would love to have access to these trails without the hassle. ”
“Blowing Rock has some of the most beautiful trails on earth. They are in our NC Mtns. with breathtaking scenic views. Trails are wide, well maintained, "carriage" trails, the altitude gets us away from summer heat, and camping is available at the Blowing Rock Equestrian Ctr. Please don't ever let this be closed to horses.”
“Leatherwood is a favorite because camping is available in a nice wooded area beside a stream. Trails are well marked, maintained and vary in difficulty. Horse stalls are a plus as well.”
“Uwharrie Natl. Forrest has extensive trails that are well maintained. The biggest reason I like to ride there is that camping options are readily available. We like to stay 3-4 days when we go and have different trails to ride each day.”
“I love the Uwharrie trails. I am curious about how we can gain access to Falls Lake's abundant property off Rt. 50. They say they never programmed Trailer parking in their plan. There is acres of parking, always empty. I live a stone's throw away, and would love to ride ride there. The Beaver Damm State Recreation Area is a vast place to ride. What do we have to do to ride the area. Barbara Cohen ”
“My favorite trail is Laurel Creek Trail... its in the Pisgah Ranger District, in the Turkey Pen area. Laurel Creek is between Squirrel Gap & Bradley Creek trails. It is just lovely, way off the beaten path, wooded, Laurel Creek runs along side of it for at least half the distance. It has a nice pull up to the top & great views from up there. We even found an abandoned puppy there, rescued him & found him a great home. What great memories! ”
“Bought mine at the Selma Location! The girls running that store are the bomb! Glad that tractor supply is supporting local groups.”
“I bought my 6”

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