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Horse owners urged to vaccinate animals against mosquito-borne diseases
Watch the website for dates for the Extreme Trail Horse Challenges of 2016.

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Founded in 1972, the North Carolina Horse Council is the only statewide organization that works to serve the needs of the entire horse community. We are composed of volunteer individuals and groups from all breeds and types of horses, without bias. We operate by a Board of Directors and a committee structure with committees ranging from education, equine health and welfare, trails, legislative and regulatory to agribusiness. Members are encouraged to become active with the committee of their choice.

Groups and Associations who join have the opportunity to appoint a representative from their association to the Board of Directors. This representative has full voting rights to be able to represent their association’s goals and agendas. Thirty individual members are elected by the membership to the Board of Directors.

Benefits of membership include receiving the newsletter six times per year; becoming a member of the American Horse Council as an affiliated member and receiving major discounts at multiple state and national equine or related agricultural business.  In addition, members are eligible to purchase a million dollar equine liability insurance policy for only $25 per year.

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